Powerfit FTW is a boutique gym in the Foundry District of Fort Worth, TX. We use Power Plate® machines to bring you a revolutionary 27-minute workout that you just have to experience to believe. With small class sizes (only 8 people per class), and a certified trainer guiding the class Powerfit FTW will make you Feel The Difference in your workout.

PowerFit FTW was created after owner Shelby, lived in LA for 3 years and fell in love with a revolutionary workout concept. After moving back to her home of Fort Worth, Texas she decided to create her own brand and bring Power Plate training to Texas. The 30 minute workout takes place on a Power Plate machine which has been utilized by professional athletes and celebrities for years. A certified medical device in Europe this machine is also used for those with spasticity issues as seen in people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and spinal cord injury patients. 

Shelby states, “I believe so much in the health, wellness and aesthetic benefits of working out on the Power Plates, it’s only a short time before the public realizes the multitude of benefits these plates have to offer.”

Shelby is currently building the PowerFit brand and plans to expand throughout Texas and the Southeast. Come see what all the buzz is about.

The Benefits

There are several scientific studies that have been done proving the effectiveness of using Power Plates as a part of your workout. Some of the benefits that our clients love are increasing strength & flexibility, recovering from their workout faster, decreasing cellulite, increasing blood flow & circulation, increasing motor control and stability, and so much more.

How it works

Power Plates® uses harmonic vibration technology, which contracts your muscles 30-50 times per second. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of your workout, while significantly reducing the amount of time you actually have to spend working out.


Power Plate is harmonic vibration, instantly triggering the body’s natural reflex stabilization mechanism to adapt to changes in the natural environment. Rapid, precise, and predictable reflexive activation prepares our body for dynamic activities at a subconscious level. With each harmonic vibration, Power Plate stimulates rapid reflexive muscle responses (Tonic Vibration Reflex or TVR) through our proprioceptors, improving functional performance, gait and locomotion, balance, range of motion, circulation and stability. Power Plate’s vibrating surface vibrates 25-50 times per second, resulting in corresponding muscle activation. Performing an exercise at 30Hz for 30 seconds will provoke 900 muscle actions. This means you can accelerate acquisition and retention of skills associated with movement at a rapid rate.


Power Plate’s scientifically-documented efficacy is based on a body’s natural response to vibration, and centers on a patented dual-synch driven vibrating platform that triggers 30 to 50 reflexive muscle contractions per second. As the user’s body works to regain stability, up to 95 percent of the body’s muscle fibers become engaged in any single movement, significantly amplifying the effectiveness of any exercise performed on the plate. Research also shows that whole-body vibration stimulates the body’s natural production of the regenerative growth hormone that maintains tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, energy and metabolism. For additional information on Power Plate whole-body vibration equipment, visit powerplate.com

The Classes We Offer

Class Schedule: Choose a Day to See Classes

Pricing/Class Packs


Single Class


4 Class Pack

(Per Month)


Monthly Unlimited


12 Class Pack

(Good for  a year)

Class Descriptions



A 27-minute cardio HIIT class to incinerate fat and train the heart with an integrated option utilizing free weights and kettlebells.



A boot-camp style, 27-minute class, utilizing dumbbells or kettlebells. It is an intense blend of strength, cardio and functional training for the fitness junkies that want a challenging workout.



A recovery based 27-minute Power Plate class that incorporates yoga, massage, Pilates, and traditional stretching.



A 27- minute class with a mix of power plate moves that increase your heart rate and help you burn calories, tone and tighten!



A strength training workout to improve strength gains in a full body 27-minute workout. Dumbbells or kettlebells provide the resistance in this functional and strength training workout

Combat Fit

Combat Fit

A boxing, kickboxing, martial arts style class that takes place on the Power Plates. Kick your boxing up a notch with this challenging but fun class!

Our Powerfit FTW Trainers

  • Shelby A. Beckman (Owner)
    Shelby A. Beckman (Owner)

    After hopping around to Alabama, Georgia, and California, I have finally decided to grow some roots in my hometown of Fort Worth. I am so excited to share this awesome machine, the Power Plate, that I discovered while living in LA. My biggest reason for opening my own studio is because I believe that so many workouts are so rough on your body in the long run. Working out on the Power Plate is not only time efficient, but also offers a multitude of health benefits from flushing toxins out of your body to decrease the appearance of cellulite! 

  • Lindsay Abstein
    Lindsay Abstein Certified Power Plate® Trainer
    Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do! I am also a marathon runner and CrossFit athlete. Having a daughter with Type 1 diabetes, health and nutrition is a huge passion of mine. I would love to help educate others and share my passion, in any way that I can.

    I am so excited to help create a fit community within PowerFit DFW!!

  • Isa- Bella Herreros
    Isa- Bella Herreros

    Being a yoga teacher, I really value personal well being. I grew up as a ballerina, did powerlifting, barre, and fell in love with yoga and all things fitness. I love getting to share my passion for wellness and making workouts fun and engaging through PowerFit! 

  • Gina Johnson
    Gina Johnson

    I have spent my entire life in the field of fitness, health/wellness… as an athlete, then coach.  Through my many years of education and especially experience, I’ve learned that there really is healing through movement.  Get skinny quick plans don’t work, but working towards a stronger, fitter, more mobile, durable human does.  Which also makes you healthier, happier and feel better. A byproduct of that is looking great and living a better life.  This is where I come in.  I have the experience and knowledge to help each client reach that.

    You don’t get old from the years going by, you get old because you stop moving.

  • Eric Sigmon
    Eric Sigmon Certified Power Plate® Trainer

    Eric is a certified Power Plate Trainer as well as a certified Martial Arts Instructor with over 20+ years of experience in the field of Martial Arts & Fitness Training. His philosophy is that fitness is an important part of the journey to a healthier lifestyle, and he believes that fitness applies to both physical and mental health. Eric got into this industry because he likes the feeling that having a healthy lifestyle gives him, and he wants to help others achieve that same feeling. Helping people achieve their fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle are 2 things that drive Eric, and he can’t wait to help you on your fitness journey.

  • Emma Atkins
    Emma Atkins

    As a current nursing student, personal wellbeing is extremely important to me. After dancing my entire life,and working at the recreation center throughout my college career, I gained the knowledge and passion for health and fitness. I love being able to share my passion with others through PowerFit FTW.

  • Brittney Matzkanin
    Brittney Matzkanin Certified Power Plate® Trainer

    Sports and fitness have always been a huge aspect of my life. I’m a longtime athlete, competing in soccer, track and field and CrossFit.

    With over a decade of training and coaching under my belt, I feel honored to pass on my knowledge and to get stronger and faster with the PowerFit community.  Thank you for welcoming me and I can’t wait to meet you all!

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