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About Powerfit FTW

Are you seeking Power Fit Gym in Ryan Place?
Powerfit FTW is a boutique fitness studio located in the Foundry District of Fort Worth, TX. We use Power Plate® machines to bring you a revolutionary 30-minute workout that you MUST experience to believe. Power Plate is a certified medical device that causes muscles to relax and contract 25-50x a second! With small class sizes (only 8 people per class), and a certified trainer guiding the class, PowerFit will make you Feel The Difference in your workout.

Powerfit FTW is the best gym in the Ryan Place area.

The Benefits

There are several scientific studies that have been done proving the effectiveness of using Power Plates as a part of your Power Fit Gym workout. Some of the benefits that our clients love are:
  • increasing strength & flexibility
  • recovering from their workout faster
  • decreasing cellulite
  • increasing blood flow & circulation
  • increasing motor control and stability
  • and so much more…


A 27-minute cardio HIIT class to incinerate fat and train the heart with an integrated option utilizing free weights and kettlebells.


A boot-camp style, 27-minute class, utilizing dumbbells or kettlebells. It is an intense blend of strength, cardio and functional training for the fitness junkies that want a challenging workout.

Stretch / Muscle Recovery

A 27-minute cardio HIIT class to incinerate fat and train the heart with an integrated option utilizing free weights and kettlebells.


A 27- minute class with a mix of power plate moves that increase your heart rate and help you burn calories, tone and tighten!


A strength training workout to improve strength gains in a full body 27-minute workout. Dumbbells or kettlebells provide the resistance in this functional and strength training workout.


A boxing, kickboxing, martial arts style class that takes place on the Power Plates. Kick your boxing up a notch with this challenging but fun class!

What our Ryan Place customers are saying

Darika Samak
Darika Samak
From Google Reviews
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“This is a great atmosphere for individuals on their weight loss journey.. very motivational and the staff is super friendly.”
Elsie Curtis
Elsie Curtis
From Google Reviews
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“Staff with knowledge is key, this place has that! A multicultural environment, the staff welcomes all!”
Trashae Hubbard
Trashae Hubbard
From Google Reviews
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“Jacquelyn Polk POWERFIT FTW excellence class a full body workout in 30 minutes. I enjoyed the cardio and the weight lifting. I most definitely got a workout...”

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