Gina JohnsonCertified Power Plate® Trainer

    I have spent my entire life in the field of fitness, health/wellness… as an athlete, then coach.  Through my many years of education and especially experience, I’ve learned that there really is healing through movement.  Get skinny quick plans don’t work, but working towards a stronger, fitter, more mobile, durable human does.  Which also makes you healthier, happier and feel better. A byproduct of that is looking great and living a better life.  This is where I come in.  I have the experience and knowledge to help each client reach that.

    You don’t get old from the years going by, you get old because you stop moving.

    Credentials: BS in Kinesiology, Certified Exercise Physiology (ACSM) Functional Movement Screen level 1, Certified Functional Trainer (Cooper Institute) Certified boxing/kickboxing instructor, Certified Power Plates, CPR/AED

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